Organyc 100% Organic Cotton Rounds - Biodegradable Cotton, Chemical Free, For Sensitive Skin (70 Count) - Daily Cosmetics. Beauty and Personal Care

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  • 100% organic cotton
  • Imported
  • 100 percent organic certified cotton rounds ideal for personal care as well as cosmetics and more
  • Both the cotton rounds and the packaging are made with renewable and sustainable raw materials
  • All packaging and materials are biodegradable and compostable
  • High quality rounds with the structural integrity you would expect from german engineering
  • Besides cosmetic and personal care uses these cotton rounds are also helpful for craft projects and

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Reviewed on May 27, 2020
That being said, here's why. My experiences using various exfoliating cotton rounds have led me to these conclusions. For a long time, I used Target brand exfoliating rounds, which are coarser textured on one side, and "quilted" fluffy soft cotton on the other side. The main problem I had with these is what I've come to call the "Velcro effect", wherein a soft, fluffy fabric (the soft "quilted" cotton side in this case) is pressed into a coarser, textured fabric (exfoliating side) which causes these 2 surfaces to stick together. Now, this would be fine if it was happening between the two inner sides of the cotton rounds, thus helping to hold them together. But, sadly, it does not. What happens when you get the sticky side of Velcro caught on something soft and fluffy? Right - it pulls fibers loose when you pull them apart. So every time I went to use one of the Target exfoliating rounds, first I had to lightly moisten my thumb and rub it across the exfoliating side to get all the loose fibers off (that were stuck to it from the soft side after the two sides stuck together) so they wouldn't get in my eyes while using the pad. And yes, I did have to hold the two now separated sides together while I used my toner so there was more thickness to the pad. Can't use the exfoliating side alone after it comes apart from the side as it's very thin, less absorbent, and just way more difficult to use on its own. Why does this happen, you ask? Well, it's all about compression. I have, on occasion, bought 2 bags of exfoliating rounds at Target (when they were on sale :-): the first bag would be perfect, but the second bag would be all messed up - every single pad stuck to the pad on either side of it, pulling those pads apart. Why the second bag and not the first? Well, I have bought single packages that were messed up straight from the store too. My experience tells me that it's due to rough handling of the individual bags of rounds. When I bought two bags, the second one would end up being moved here or there, thus getting handled roughly and frequently, the pads getting compressed inside the bag so as to cause that "Velcro effect". The ones that were messed up straight from the store were likely roughly handled by either customers employees squeezing the bags while putting them on display pegs (why I generally don't take the bag hanging in the front). But basically, the more they're handled and squeezed, the more of them get stuck to other pads and then ripped apart. SImple. Some years ago, Costco was selling the most amazing cotton rounds that had the exfoliating texture on BOTH sides so they did NOT stick to the other pads and get pulled apart. And, it was a 4-pack! Took me a long time to use them up - and all the pads in all the bags were perfect from first to last. Then, of course, Costco stopped selling them. That began my quest to find similar cotton rounds that had texture on BOTH sides and would not stick to each other. Thought I found it once when I tried another brand on Amazon. Again, the first bag was perfect, and the second bag was all mashed up with all the pads pulled apart. So I went back to Target brand for a while - those rounds can't disappoint me because I already know what to expect. After getting tired of wiping fluffy fibers off my cotton rounds every time I used them, I decided to try another brand from Amazon. That's when I saw these Organyc cotton rounds. They looked similar to those from Costco, with texture on BOTH sides, so I was hoping, at the very least, to not have to wipe fluffy fibers off before using. The package arrived, I took the bag of rounds out and opened it - that was the point I realized that there was going to be a problem. Because, once you tear the top off of the bag to open them, you have to tie the bag closed with the string pull-tie on the bag. And guess where the problem is? The bag becomes TOO SHORT to hold all the rounds without having to compress them down into the bag. So these rounds are doomed from the get go. I've used about half the bag and am already using pads that have been smooshed down into the bag for the longest time. And yes - they are ALL torn apart and sticking together with the pads on either side. When I took some rounds out of the bag to take pix, they were all stuck to each other. Left to right, the first pic shows the INSIDE of a pad with a long piece of cotton fluff that got displaced from its pad when that pad got pulled apart. Second pic is of the other side - also showing fluffy fibers on inner side of pad. Why? Because those pads have been smooshed and compressed down inside the bag to the point that they stuck together with pads next to them - which tore those pads apart. So thats what you see upon taking a pad from the bag: the fluffy insides of pads and NOT the textured, business sides. Gotta pull those sides apart to use the pad (pic #3). The fourth pic shows the inside of a pad that I had pulled off of the textured side of another pad. I had to then pull the other half of this pad off the pad next to IT so I could hold those two sides together while I use it. Meh... You can see the black background thru the half side. That's how thin each side is, on its own! So what's the solution? Well, first - make the bag long enough to accommodate ALL the pads with the bag tied closed. Having to smoosh them all down into the bag just to get the drawstring closed is basically ruining the product for future use. Second, sew or at least lightly tack together both sides of each pad so they cannot so easily come apart. And THAT is what would make for really great exfoliating cotton rounds that did not come apart. I would give this product 3 1/2 stars if I could, but had give 4 instead - that being generous! I will give this product 5 stars when Organyc fixes the short bag problem. IF they then do manage to tack the sides together, ... Well, they may just have created the perfect exfoliating cotton round that I would use forever. Because now I have to go looking, again, for a new brand of exfoliating cotton rounds to try.😢
Reviewed on July 10, 2023
I've used other cotton pads available on Amazon and all of them irritated the skin around my eyes. These were the first pads I found that were sealed around the edges (lint-free) and NEVER irritate my skin. Also sturdy and soft. So glad I"ve found them. And I wrote a complimentary message to the manufacturer and they wrote back! Nice to know there are real people behind a brand.
Reviewed on July 24, 2023
So soft and works great with my organic makeup removers!
Reviewed on June 23, 2023
Chemical Free Oranyc Cotton Rounds come in a 3 pack and are a good value. I like how the cotton doesn't pill. I use them with Bruder Eyelid spray on my eyelids so I need them to be lint free and they ARE.
Reviewed on July 06, 2023
I love this product. Cotton production uses a lot of pesticides so this is guilt free.